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Give the Gift of Plumbing: A Practical Gift That Might Just Be The Best One Ever!

You might be surprised what a great gift plumbing fixtures could be for that special someone.“This is the best present I have ever gotten!” Don’t you love to hear that when you offer a gift to someone who is really important to you? Sure, we all do. But I learned something recently about what “the best present ever” could be.

You see, I believed all the media hype about gifts for the significant people in our lives: diamonds, perfume, cars, technology, etc. These are supposed to be THE GIFT that would be the best present ever. What I discovered was something completely different.

The best present ever is often something more like:

  • A touch faucet in the kitchen for spouse, parent, or grandparent who suffers with severe arthritis.
  • A plumbed gas grill on the back porch, which means not having to deal with buying and then hauling charcoal, fluid, or gas tanks home.
  • A 17 – 19-inch toilet for the spouse, parent, grandparent, relative or friend who has had a knee or hip replacement and has trouble getting up and down.
  • A rain-type or multiple head shower fixture for someone you want to have less stress. You make their shower become a spa-like retreat in their bathroom at home to relax for a few minutes from the pressures of the world.

I can vouch for how appreciated these kinds of “practical” gifts are by the recipients. I hear them say, first hand, how wonderful these gifts are and how excited they are to get them. The message these recipients hear in their heart is simple:

“I am giving you this present because I want to make your life easier and better. I love you and care about you.”

You might not think “practical” gifts are glamorous or “special,” but there is another perspective from which to view them all together. The gifts above are things that are reminders every day that someone cares.

Take a moment the next time you are in the position to give a gift. Don’t succumb to the hype. Think about something that could really make a difference in the life of this person who is so special to you. If you need some help, give us a call here at Pipe Dream Plumbing, or connect with us online. We will be able to give you some suggestions because we know what kinds of things that are “practical” gifts that people really love. We can also install it properly, too!

No, it might not be the most glamorous gift you will ever give, but you can be assured a gift like this will be one of the most appreciated – every time it gets used.