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Make Sure Your Plumbing is Ready for Your Next Big Event

The big days in your life shouldn’t focus on your plumbing.Everyone looks forward to those big events in life: weddings, graduations, holidays, reunions, and lots, lots more. Families and friends getting together and sharing good times. The beds in your house fill up and kids grab sleeping bags and cots and sprawl out on playroom and family room floors.

Good times!

The preparation

Usually when these events occur there have been weeks and sometimes months in the planning. There are clothes to consider, food to feed everyone, and all the hoopla that is specific to the pending event.

When you have visitors in your home, you make sure the house and linens are clean and ready. There’s coffee in the pot and lots of snacks to go around.

One thing that most people don’t think about during the preparations is their plumbing. Sure, they might think about the shower schedule and whether or not the hot water supply will hold up, but they don’t plan for things like leaks or backups.

Plumbing preparations

The one thing we know at Pipe Dream Plumbing, especially about plumbing is that it doesn’t spontaneously combust and become a problem. Usually plumbing emergencies are caused by long-term conditions. Often there are warning signs …

  • Drips on the floor under connections behind the toilet
  • Dampness in the cabinet under the kitchen sink
  • A drain that is draining slowly in the tub
  • Water stains on the wall next to the shower

Just like it always seems to happen, when more strain (by lots of household visitors) is put on a system, that’s when it fails. No one wants a stream of water anywhere it shouldn’t be with a house full of people.

For that reason, it is a good idea to check under the sinks, around the toilets, tubs, and showers for evidence of leaks, drips, and problems. In the kitchen don’t forget to check around the refrigerator for ice maker line leaks and the dishwasher. Believe it or not you might have to use the washer, too, with more people in the house. Make sure there are no problems waiting to spring up in the laundry room plumbing, too. If you find a potential issue, that is the time to call Pipe Dream Plumbing – before the doorbell starts ringing and the bedrooms fill up.

Likewise, if you think you’d like to spruce up your kitchen or bath with new faucets or shower heads, plan for it in advance. It’s always better to make these kinds of decisions when you have time and aren’t in the midst of an emergency. That way you get what you really want, not what is readily available at the time.

You see, we want all your special occasions to be unforgettable because they are perfect celebrations, not because of plumbing issues. We want you to think of Pipe Dream Plumbing as your plumber, the one that fixed the problem before it ruined the day for you.