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Garage Plumbing

While the most common use of the garage is a cozy home for the family car, don’t overlook all of the plumbing that calls your garage “home” as well: garage plumbing is common in Indiana homes. Quite often, it’s those often overlooked items that can cause the most pain. Not enough hot water? Water softener on the fritz? Give us a call.

Garage Plumbing Services

  • Water heater – repair, replace, install
  • Tankless water heater – install
  • Drain – unclog, replace
  • Washing machine – install
  • Gas Dryer – install
  • Laundry tub – unclog, replace, install
  • Laundry tub faucet – repair, replace
  • Water lines – repair, replace, install
  • Water softeners – replace, install


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Other Plumbing Services